Saturday, May 31, 2008

End of Autumn..

Aaarh, another autumn gone, my favorite time of the year....I think it's the earthiness of the colors, the yellows and browns, the light that just glows. Spring is breathtaking with the spectacular, but autumn just has this fading kind of golden glow.
My red flowering ironbarks! 25mm of rain bought these babies to life...the birds just go crazy in all the ironbark plantations where I planted them, you can hear the birds all over the farm.

Zorba the foal, who is about to be weaned from his mother spends lazy old days chasing birds around his paddock, this galah (which isn't real obvious in the photo), is almost teasing the foal, it flutters a few metres ahead and then waits for him to catch up chasing it..
Zorba and Rosie, and about the tenth photo of the foal poking his tongue out at me while taking his picture....I swear they know cheeky.
A paddock sown with wheat..
Late afternoon sunlight on native gumtrees down the road..
Ducks circling the house dam...

The ewes haven't had the easiest of times delivering lambs this year, but here are some healthy and playful lambs gamboling up and around an old empty dam in the corner of a paddock, (with their mothers watching closeby)..


the walking man said...

Funny Pam...just as I started reading this a flock of Canadian geese flew over heading south, One of the first signs of summer.


Janice Thomson said...

I looked up "ironbarks" and was amazed at the numerous kinds of eucalypts in Australia. The flowers of the ironbarks are very unusual and so striking. The tree is awesome when in full bloom.
Love that photo of Zorba! What a handsome foal he is.
As always I so enjoy your words and photos Pam.

meno said...

Hi Pam!

I feel like i can smell your world from these pictures.

Carver said...

Your photographs totally blow me away. I love autumn too and it's funny to think that where I live we have another 4 or 5 months until autumn. I may have already said that on your blog, I'm so absent minded. Your landscapes are mind blowing to me. I'd love to see your country one day but in the meantime it's great to enjoy the glimpses you provide.

jmb said...

Pam, these are lovely photos as always. I live the ironbarks! They are so beautiful. No more rain? Too bad. 25 mm is nothing much but so precious all the same.

seventh sister said...

Great shots. Of course, we are starting summer here. I amthinking of my friends who are moving to Austraila in January. The will go from winter straight into summer then into fall and winter again without seeing spring.

kissa said...

What delightful trees are the 'ironbarks'. I have a big fluffy flower on the palm tree just outside my front door a sure sign that summer is here although the temps are not summery yet but they might be tomorrow that is life here in the UK unpredictable.
Dear Zorba as always.

Donnetta Lee said...

BEAUTIFUL!! And the picture of the lambs is just great! You just keep getting better at this. I've never seen an "ironbark" before, but it is absolutely beautiful. What color! And those horses...I know nothing about horses, but they are so healthy and pretty looking. You have the magic touch!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's just nice to come by and set a spell with you. Hi, Pam.


Donn said...

Opposites attract!

I thought of you last night when I was watching Planet Earth with David Attenborough.
It was the segment on deserts and the animals that can cope with the extremes of living in such a harsh envi-Wrong-ment.

Naturally they travelled to Oz and showed how the big Reds run for shade at midday..they soak their forearms with saliva to cool the blood that travels near the surface of their skin and scratch down to the cooler dirt, wiggle in, and wait it out.

Chervil said...

Beautiful pictures - I love the short video with the sheep. Hope you will get more rain - it has just started raining here after pretty much nothing at all for months.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You have an incredible eye for both texture and color, Pam.

I remember when Zorba was born, and just look at him now!

I am getting older, too. I would like to cultivate a kind of fading golden glow. And in my next life, I would like to be born in Australia.