Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birds and Bees

The light for this photo was incredible... there was a very light breeze, so I wasn't able to get the clear cloud reflection, but it is an accurate record of that days light and color.
Monty! Because I praised him for jumping when he was young he has become a bit of a showoff, now he has one of our kelpies, (working dogs), doing the vertical lift off...they are simply a hoot. It is so fun hanging out with my canine friends.

The year is well into a decade of below average rainfall, however the rain fell more evenly over this year than past years. For some reason the bees are back, I think it is (part) because of the flowering red Ironbark trees so much in blossom..(this is a lavendar bush).

Ah! this year we have two Red Wattlebirds with us, they are quite friendly and inquisitive. The more I follow them around taking their photos, the more they follow me around...:)

Our flowering red Ironbarks, has red and white flower.

A pair of Black Ducks nested in an old hollow tree trunk just near the farmhouse, Monty the jumping dog stood up on hind legs and was trying to peer in...24 eggs and this picture actually shows the day they began hatching. (See top egg starting to crack up).

I never dreamt in a million years wild ducks had so many offspring-the reason for this becomes obvious over next few days..

"Yet nor the lays of birds, nor the sweet smell
Of different flowers in odour and in hue,
the warm sun thaws the benumbed earth,
And makes it tender; gives a sacred birth
To the dead swallow; wakes in hollow tree
The drowsy cuckoo and the humble-bee."

The Spring

( Thomas Carew ).

So, of the 24 ducklings, 5 have survived, I walked around the dams to get some photos and saw a couple of hawks circling up high, wasn't able to get any pictures of the hawks, too illusive, but soon realised these babies had a less than 23% ? chance of survival. Only the five left so last they are growing rapidly and look quick, and strong enough.


Ponygirl said...

What fabulous photos, Pam! That would be a 'bird' dog in the second pic, no? Cool shot!

Enjoy the warmth. We are getting cooler each day, sliding downhill towards the Great Deep Freeze.

Carver said...

Pam this is a fabulous group of shots. The first one knocked me out of my chair. Wonderful. It's fun too that we have different seasons at different times of the year. I'm in fall (autumn) at the moment while you are in spring. I remember when you posted your fall shots we were in summer. Kind of fun to be reminded that the seasons vary around the world.

WW said...

Unbelievably beautiful pix, Pam. The pic of your dog jumping the fence is spectacular.

What is that bird? It looks like what we in Canada would call a meadowlark (at least that's what it looks like to me).


jmb said...

Great photos Pam! I'm glad things are looking up a little with the rain at least more evenly spread out.

My husband was just in NSW and Brisbane to visit a sick sister and see his other siblings. We will both be there in March. I am looking forward to it although we seem to spend most of our time visiting relatives.

That cloud photo is fantastic.


Your world is so magnificent...
no, actually you are magnificent for taking notice of all of these wonderments.

I love all of those things. How could anyone ever be bored living in such a magical animal kingdom.

Donnetta Lee said...

Oh I absolutely loved this post! I especially love the very first picture. I also really enjoyed the quote from St. John of the Cross, one of my favorites. My truly truly hero of all time is St. Teresa of Avila. Are you familiar with her also? Your world is so full and so vibrant. Great job. D

Barbara Martin said...

I enjoy the photos of life on your ranch, especially the horses and the dogs. They are such happy dogs, always with wide grins.

The ducklings are cute, and the Trumpeter Swans and Canada Geese that live near my place and at High Park start out with many goslings, ending up with 4 to 6 by mid-summer.

ivan said...

Such a beautiful blog. Such lovely photos. And then an unexpected blow to you and yours.
It saddens me today to hear that your brother is so very sick. Prayers.