Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Getting Excited Over Rain Again..

Rain... showers my spirit and waters my soul.

~Emily Logan Decens

Tell me how many beads there are
In a silver chain Of evening rain,
Unravelled from the tumbling main...
~Thomas Lovell Beddoes


Pam said...

Your blog touches a place in my heart. My mother-in-law was always touched when my daughter was a toddler and would rush out to lick the leaves after the rain.Rain evokes a lot of memories for Australians I'm sure. I can still recollect strongly from my chilkdhood,the smell of big fat drops on dusty asphalt in the school yard.Also I love the recent poems you have shared.

Susan said...

That last photo just POPs off the page! You can have some of our rain, weve had some flooding near here! Nothing too bad, but drains overflowing and backing up etc.

the walking man said...

Pam...is this OZ drought a cyclical one or something not seen for 30+ years? There is a new UN report and atlas out that chronicles the horrid man made conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa and I was wondering if you are experiencing the same effect?

"Welcome to the rainbow, the healer of the sun" Robbie Robertson

jmb said...

I do hope that it is more than 25 mm this time Pam. My brother in law wrote recently from Queensland about how much rain they were having and if only you could move it to the places which really need it.

The photos and quotes are so wonderful.

May you twelve dams be overflowing but I think it will be a long time till then, if ever.

meno said...

You live in an astonishingly beautiful place. I could smell the fresh rain from your pictures.

Or maybe that's because it is raining here.

On your comment about Neko Case. I have a few of her albums. She has an incredibly powerful voice. She is also one of the lead singers for The New Pornographers.

Barbara Martin said...

Your photos sing to my soul, beautiful landscape of ranches and rain filled impressions. I can almost smell the first rain after a hot, dry spell. It has a flavour all its own.

the walking man said...

A long slow rain is better than a monsoon for replenishing water tables.

Chervil said...

I love the way eucalypts sprout after some good rain. I hope you (and us...) will get some more rain over the winter period. Beautiful photos, as always.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Such beautiful pictures, Pam! Australia seems to have polarizer skies all the time - it's like you invented blue.

I will rush outside now and do a rain dance for you. I hope it works.

Donnetta Lee said...

How gorgeous these pictures are. You are the queen! Is this dry spell typical of Australia for this time of year? It's sprinkling here in Oklahoma as I write this to you. I'll try to encourage the rain gods to bring some of this to you!

seventh sister said...

I'm glad you are finally getting some rain. I'l like for us to get some,too. We are expereinceing an unusually early heat wave with temperatures over 100 degrees most days since the middle of May.

Janice Thomson said...

How wonderful there's rain at last and hopefully much more to come.
As usual your photos are splendid - I love visiting here and learning about Australia.
The poem 'Summer' was so good - well actually they all were good but that one really resonated.

Josie said...

Pam, your photos are always so beautiful. And I LOVE seeing your dogs. You have the world's best dogs!

Gosh, one man's fish is another man's poisson, hey? We have had so much rain here, I have been going outside doing a sun dance. Today, finally(!) sunshine(!) What is going on with the weather all over the world. In the midwest in the US, they have had higher flooding than in the last 500 years. But there are droughts in sub-Saharan Africa and in your part of the world. Something has gone amok!

Carver said...

Beautiful shots and text. I can so relate. I hope you will continue to get nourishing rain.

Donn said...

Ever since we stopped being nomadic and decided to stay put we have been at the mercy of the weather..."everywhere you go, always bring the weather".

We are a relatively new organism and a unique species that thinks that the Sun revolves around us. HA!
Why do we always seem so surprised that the Planet just does whatever it does and doesn';t follow our agenda?

Millions of people will need to be relocated in the next Century because it just won't be economically feasible to stay where they are now.

Your place looks so beautiful..location, location, location.
The other animals that live in your neck of the woods took millions of years to adapt to that place.

News of wild unpredictable weather patterns have been filling the newscasts of late..some find this mystical, others simply annoying, but for many it is a catastrophe.

I feel so sorry for those people whose lives have been devastated by these events. I just hope that you luck out and get plenty of rain...buckets of it.

Barbara Martin said...

Your dog photos are wonderful. I was hoping to see another post.
I have put your link on my blog's sidebar to share with others your beautiful photos.

ivan said...

"It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven....

Victoria has had some incredibly lucky days.

Now if only California!



Neko Case has a way of resurfacing every time and almost anywhere.

When I was homeless in Toronto, so was she. I'm surprised we didn't touch dumpsters.

But her kind of talent wins out.

Used to be a cowgirl but now pop.

And good on her.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

I love the rain it makes me feel like new again. There is something about it. My son and I go out in the rain and run through the puddles. Our neighbors probably think us weird but we laugh like crazy. By the time we are done we are soaked, but happy.



Chervil said...

Sienna - just wanted to let you know that I have borrowed the Peter Andrews book from the library and am reading it right now. Thanks so much for the information - I had seen the Australian Story about him on YouTube quite a while ago (it is no longer there now), but reading his book really makes me understand what he is on about. Hopefully there will be more people learning from him so that we can save our beautiful land from further degradation.

I also hope you got some rain the last few days!